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SUVARNA JAKARTA GOLF CLUB (SJGC) is a 27-hole championship golf course that curently is the first and only MANDATORY BUGGY ON COURSE GOLF CLUB in Jakarta. SJGJ sits on 96-hectare land in Halim, East Jakarta, conveniently located near Halim Perdana Kusuma International Airport and Accessible via the toll roads.

SJGC becomes the perfect choice for avid golfer who lives not only in the city of Jakarta but also outside the city. With a spacious and luxurious clubhouse that is surrounded by beautiful old trees and extensive landscape, SJGC offers a sanctuary in the city with first class facilities and top-notch services. The facilities includes lounges, locker room, pro shops, VVIP and VIP rooms, restaurant, ballroom (capacity up to 1.000 pax), driving range and golf academy.

The golf course was designed by Robert Moore Jr., an internationaly leading golf course architect. It has some links courses’s elements such as riveted bunkers, burns (walled canals) and large green complexes. One of its unique features is the “Elysian Fields” which integrated three par-5 finishing holes into a broad landform with crossed fairways, shared bunkers, meandering burns and dozens of possible lines of play. The Clubhouse is sited on equitably high ground, overlooking the major drainage way which will provide strong views of the finishing holes that radiate from the clubhouse. All these features will definitely give an unparalleled and memorable golfing experiences.

SJGCplanted Zeon Zoysia grass, curently the #1 selling Zoysia grass in America. Zeon Zoysia fine texture, he has been called the most beautiful Zoysia on the market today. In National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP), Zeon Zoysia is ranked #1 in turf quality, that is why Zeon Zoysia was also planted on the official golf venue of Olympic 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

To complete all those key features, SJGC equipped the buggy fleet with EZGO Freedom RXV, curently the only buggy fleet with lithium batery in Asia Pasific, to maximize your BUGGY ON COURSE driving experiences.


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#1 Selling Zoysia grass in America
Zeon Zoysia is the #1 Selling Zoysia in America. And for good reason! This fine textured grass has been called the "most beautiful zoysia on the market today." Turfgrass professionals and consumers alike often note Zeon's "Wow Factor". University tests agree, Zeon Zoysia is truly something special. In NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) testing, Zeon Zoysia ranked #1 in turf qualty. NTEP also confirmed that Zeon Zoysia produces far less thatch than other Zoysia grasses tested.

The grass of the 2016 OLYMPICS
Zeon Zoysia is the grass of the 2016 Olympics in Rio! When golf returns as an Olympic sport to the 2016 Games, the grass the golfers will be playing on is Zeon Zoysia. Te grass was selected for use on the tees, roughs and fairways of the course being built specifically for the Olympics. Zeon's beauty and playability contributed to the choice. More importantly, Zeon's low water use and low fertilizer requirements were critical for the Olympic Committee's desire to build a sustainable golf course.

Zeon is a fine bladed Zoysia grass. it has a beautiful dark green color and soft leaf texture making it a true "barefoot lawn grass." Zeon Zoysia's extensive root system allows it to quickly recover from drought, it can handle full sun, and has excellent shade tolerance only requiring as little as 3 hours of direct sunlight.

Zeon's striking color, upright growth and density make it a great golfing experience for all high and low handicap golfers.


          Released by internationally recognized USDA/ARS plant geneticist Dr. Wayne Hanna, TifEagle is the third generation of bermudagrass varieties developed exclusively for golf greens at the Coastal Plains Experiment Station of TiftonGA. Just as Tifdwarf replaced Tifgreen 328 as the standard for putting greens over the last three decades. Tifeagle promises to set an even higher standard for the 21st century. Based on careful evaluation at university research stations since 1988, and beginning in 1996 at golf course locations from Florida to the desert Southwest. TifEagle has proven to be a premier putting surface with a number of unique advantages for golf course superintendents.

Rightly or wrongly, much of a superintendent's reputation rides on the quality of his or her greens. It takes an intense management program to deliver the putting speed and consistency even club players are beginning to demand. Traditional grasses, and even many of the new superdwarfs, just can't stand up to the physical stress produced by the lower mowing height and frequent verticuttings which are used to control thatch build-up. TifEagle can, and we've got the research toback it up. TifEagle also recovers more quickly from mechanical injury, has better color, and extremely cold-hardy, drought-tolerant and desease-resistant. Whether you're in volved with the repair or restoration of existing greens or installing an entire new course, insist on the best. Insist on TifEagle.


The E-Z-GO® Freedom RXV is unmatched when it comes to performance, efficiency, and standard features. With the option of either a 48-volt AC electric drivetrain with patented IntelliBrake technology or the first of its kind EX1 closed-loop EFI gasengine, the Freedom RXV raises the bar for how a golf car should perform. Equipped to deliver a premium experience, the Freedom RXV comes standard with headlight, taillights, brake lights, a modern dash, and the option of rear facing seats. Choose the Fredom RXV and give your golfers an unmatched premium experience.

Freedom RXV models bring the perfect combination of efficiency, performance and style to your course. With standard headlights, golfer-focused upgrades and a smooth ride, the Freedom RXV adds more to every round. Electric and ELiTE lithium Freedom RXV models are equipped with energy-efficient IntelliBrake technology and an automatic parking brake, while the first-of-it's-kind EX1 gas engine with closed-loop EFI adds numerous ownership benefits.